Upcoming Exhibition at the John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto

A selection of photographs from my Parallel Series are included in a group exhibition at the John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto. The Exhibition runs from September 5 - 20, 2013.

Opening is Thursday, September 5, 2013 from 6 to 8 p.m. John B. Aird Gallery 900 Bay Street  - Macdonald Block Toronto, ON M7A 1C2

Director and Curator, Dale Barrett based the selection of work on a high level of technical skill, critical reflection of subject matter and aesthetics, and an awareness of the history of the art form, whether it be photographic portraiture, landscape photography, abstraction, documentation, or numerous other such categories.


Work Featured in Miel Journal 1110/5

A special issue, featuring 23 artists and 23 writers: each image, paired with its text, is printed on a smooth, 300-gsm postcard. (There’s space on the back for an address and a stamp—so yes, you can even send them.) We’re calling this issue 1111111111111111111111 11111111111111111111111. Or 111O/5, for short. tumblr_mm6vosjdIz1s46jnco3_500-1

Exhibition - Lake Country British Columbia!

I am quite behind with my postings here! But thought I should post the happenings with the exhibition Traces at the Lake Country Art Gallery in British Columbia. Here is a write up about the exhibition.

Beliefs, people and memories; none are eternal but each leave small traces upon us that may never fade.  Traces is an exhibition that celebrates the small fragments of life that leave everlasting imprints on us.The Lake Country Art Gallery is pleased to present Traces: the dreamt, the seen, the remembered from June 5th to July 19th, 2013.  Traces is the fifth exhibit by the Lake Country Art Gallery this year and prominently features the work of three Canadian female artists.Sometimes the smallest things stick with you for a lifetime.  Beliefs, people and memories; none are eternal but each leave small traces upon us that may never fade.  Traces is an exhibition that celebrates the small fragments of life that leave everlasting imprints on us.Traces was a project conceived long ago by curator Katie Brennan.  Over the past couple years Brennan met Friend and Madera in her travels across Canada.  “I had been waiting to showcase these women’s art for years”, says Brennan.  “It wasn’t until I came across the portfolio of Michelle Hall that I finally saw how all their work intertwined.”Gallery Manager Petrina McNeill anticipated the cross-Canada exhibit since its proposal last September.  “Thematically the three women’s art layers quite beautifully”, says McNeill.  “However their three different mediums offer different lenses and contexts through which to interpret the central theme.”Amy Friend is an artist based in St Catherine’s, ON that Brennan met in Banff.  As the recipient of the Emerging Artist Windsor Endowment for the Arts (2012), Friend’s work has been growing increasingly celebrated and recognized.  Her photography depicts family heirlooms, here the nightgowns of her deceased grandmother.  This series of photographs explores what is left after her grandmother’s death.  Friend blends elements of light and contrast with the flowing nightgowns’ forms, transparencies and colours to depict more than the ethereal, sheer materials themselves.  “The worn areas, marks of where her body had been, emit an aura of her presence” wrote Friend.Michelle Hall is an Okanagan artist whose multimedia work utilizes text to explore the conception of beliefs.  Throughout her portfolio, Hall traces how her experience with others has created or proliferated beliefs within herself.Traces-exhibitionLaura Madera is an Ontario based artist.  Her work utilizes the traditional mediums of watercolour and gouache, expanding the mediums in new directions.  Laura Madera’s watercolour paintings are abstracted patterns and surfaces infused with bleached out light.  Her memories of events and time are evoked through transparencies and luminous forms.

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Room Magazine Feature

Recently I contributed a selection of photographs to Room: Canada's Oldest Literary Journal By And About Women Issue 36.1 Mythologies of Loss

Room Magazine

Hooray! I am a finalist for Critical Mass!

I found this out a little while ago but thought I should post the great news! Read on for more details. Critical Mass is an annual online program that makes connections within the photography community. Photographers at any level, from anywhere in the world, submit a portfolio of 10 images. Through a pre-screening process, the field is narrowed to a group of 200 Finalists who go on to have their work viewed and voted on by over 200 esteemed international photography professionals. From the Finalist group, the Top 50 are named, and a series of awards are given, including at least one monograph each year. Photolucida publishes and distributes the titles, giving copies of the books to all participating photographers and jurors.Stay tuned for more details in the next month or so!